What Is The Best Driver For Seniors (Or If You Just Feel Old)?

Driver About To Tee OffFinding the right golf clubs for your specific situation is very important if you want to be a consistent golfer. Especially if your specific situation is “getting older”.  As you start to creep toward retirement age and older you might notice that your scores start to creep up little by little (or very quickly in some cases). Don’t lose any sleep over it though, this issue can easily be resolved with just a switch of your clubs, the first one being your driver. So what is the best driver for seniors?

To answer this I’ve given my pick for the best driver for seniors as well as my close runner-up. With this club change, anyone should be able to play well into their golden years without losing anything on their handicap.

Why Do Older People Need Different DriversWoman Watching Man Tee Off

For those of us who are getting older (or our bodies just feel like we are) the first thing that changes is our club speed.  We can’t just step up to the tee box and swing like Happy Gilmore anymore.  We need to find a driver that will help us make up for the club speed we are losing.

The first thing to look for in a new driver is for it to be more light weight.  This will help us get more velocity on our swing speed where a heavier club was slowing us down.  This will help make up for the swing speed we were losing due to our “old fartness” and help us gain our distance back that was lost.

More Reasons…

Senior Golfer Pointing Driver At The CameraSeniors also need to look for a club that will increase the launch angle that they have been losing with the slower club speed.  The slower the swing speed, the more launch angle you need.

Other factors to look into for the “youthly challenged” are the right shaft and the use of a lighter clubhead.  If a senior golfer can find a driver to match his play with all of these factors, there is no reason he/she can’t play for as long as they want to (as long as their health holds up).

Drivers With Adjustable Club Heads??

Although the factors mentioned above are great changes that can be made to improve a seniors golf game, they are not the most important.  The best change you can make is to buy an adjustable driver.  That’s right, a driver that can adjust to you!

So how does an adjustable driver work?  On one of these drivers you can literally adjust the club itself with a wrench or other tool to adjust the loft or face angle, or the repositioning of a movable weight.  If adjusted correctly, this can immediately help fix your slice, hook, lofting it too high, or launching it too low.

My Runner Up – TaylorMade RBZ Driver

Picture Of Driver From Different AnglesThe TaylorMade RBZ driver is one of the most forgiving drivers on the market and cost less than $200 on Amazon.  This means it’s construction and design lessen the effects of bad swings and poor contact with the ball.  As you get older this could be a major factor in your driver buying decision.

As far as shaft options this club is very limited, but is still light enough to make a difference for a seniors club speed.  And to make up for the lack of shaft options, this club has an adjustable hosel.  This feature allows you to change the loft of the driver by changing the angle of the face. impacting its launch angle.

A couple other factor that almost made this club my top choice for senior golfers is the ball speed and the price.  As far as ball speed, this driver is equipped with SpeedPocket Technology that helps increase the ball speed.  And one of my favorite factors in helping make decisions, the price, has come down considerably since it first launched.

My #1 Recommendation – Cobra King F9 Speedback Driver

Dissection Of DriverThe Cobra King F9 Speed driver was designed for golfers who have lost their club speed, but are still looking for maximum feel and distance, and cost less than $250 on Amazon.  What Cobra has not been known for in the past is distance, but the F9 changes that!  Cobra is now competing with top brands like Callaway and TaylorMade as having the best distance on the market.

Cobra also installed a Carbon Fiber Crown which reduced the weight of the clubhead and increased the club speed.  So whether you swing fast or slow, this will be a great club to hit for some distance!

The factor that I like the best is that it is extremely adjustable!  It has 8 (yes I said 8) adjustable loft settings to help you get the exact loft you are looking for.  The F9 also have a movable weight to help with launch and spin.  And testing which adjustment works best for you has been made easy too!

To test which setup works best for you Cobra has released Cobra Connect Technology which is an app on your smart phone that tell you how far you are hitting the ball.  Make adjustments to your club, take another swing and compare to see which setup gives you the greatest distance.  And as of now, Cobra is the only company currently offering this technology.

As A Senior, Take Advantage Of Every Opportunity

Seniors have so many advantages over younger and middle aged players.  For one, they get to play a heck of a lot more golf because they are retired (or working less) and usually don’t have younger kids in the house to take care of and drive to soccer practice.

So if you’re an older golfer, use this tip and switch your driver to one that will keep an advantage over the younger guys and gals.  Find a lighter driver that is very forgiving, and make sure it is adjustable so you can adjust it to your game.  This will keep your handicap where it should be and keep you golfing for years to come.

6 thoughts on “What Is The Best Driver For Seniors (Or If You Just Feel Old)?”

  1. I find the older I get the harder it is to stay on the course for 18 holes.  I’ve taken to playing 9 more often than not now.  My handicap has always been around 30 so I hope it doesn’t go up much from there, lol.  That driver looks nice.  I fixed my hook, but then I overcompensated so now I have a slice.  Does that driver prevent slicing the ball?  I love the course though.  Green grass, fresh air and wildlife are always welcome in my book.

    • Thanks for your comment, I also love just being out on the course experiencing nature.  And yes, the adjustments you can make on the club can help you fix your slice with the same exact swing you have right now.  Why adjust your swing when you can get a club to do it for you??  It’s definitely worth it!

  2. Hello Marc, have ng a good drive would make you enjoy the game better and although I am not a senior yet, but I rally had a bad time playing the game when I have a bad driver and it is something I wouldn’t want to go through again. I would love to bookmark this article for future sake so I can get a good driver when I become a senior 

    • The advice in this article is great for seniors, but also can be used by any golfer at any age.  If you can find a driver that is adjustable it could change your golf game drastically!  The creator of this is a genius and it can help any level golfer.  Thanks for your comment!

  3. Now this is really Greta to see here. I actually get into golf too but not Much of a player but my dad plays it almost everytime. Hence, getting something like this is actually very good. Thumbs up to you for sharing here. I would definitely make sure to share with him to see what he thinks of this

    • Thanks for your comment.  Definitely share this with your dad, it will help him keep his handicap down as he ages gracefully.


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