Orange Whip Golf Trainer Review – Just How Good Is It?

Orange Whip Golf Trainer               

               Product: Orange Whip Golf Trainer (click to purchase)Orange Whip Picture

               Price: $109.00

               Least Expensive Place To Buy: Amazon

               Size Of Product: 47 Inches

               Guarantee: 2 Year Warranty

               Where It’ Is Made: In The USA with American Parts

               My Rating: 10 out of 10


There are many training aids to help with every aspect of your golf game. I took a look at some training aides when it comes to driving the ball and I have a clear favorite, the Orange Whip.

In this Orange Whip Golf Trainer Review I will show you exactly why this is the one and only trainer you will need when it comes to improving rhythm, tempo, flexibility and strength of your swing. And it has special features that are patented which makes all other imitations fail in comparison.

Stick around until the end of this article to find out what those special patented features are that makes it so special.


Voted #1

#1 Gold RibbonThe original #1 golf training aid was voted #1 Teaching and Training Aid by PGA and LPGA Professionals. If you ask them why, they say it’s because it’s “simply the best”.

The best place to buy the Orange Whip for the price is Amazon who sells it for $109.00. Amazon sells quite a bit of these and has 462 reviews as of today, receiving a 4.7 out of 5 (80% being 5 out of 5). I did read the very few negative reviews and those even had some positive things to say about it.

Increased Rhythm and Tempo

One of the main reasons it is the #1 Teaching and Training aid is that it improves the rhythm of your swing. The Orange Whip gives you instant feedback while you are swinging so you can make adjustments right away. If there is any wobble in your swing it means you need to improve your tempo and balance, and if you’re swinging it right you will feel a nice smooth, in balance tempo.Woman Swinging Orange Whip Trainer

Now if you come over the top with your swing and flip too early, the ball at the end of the whip will get out in front of the handle and give you immediate feedback. This teaches you to drop the club in the slot and give you more of an inside out shot creating straighter shots.

Also many golfers have an issue with bringing the club back too fast which puts your hips out of sync and causes many issues like slicing. The more you swing this training aid, the smoother your tempo will be which will help you straighten out your shot.

Lastly, it helps create a pause at the top of your backswing as well as creating lag.  This just means that it helps get your hands out in front with your clubhead “lagging” behind, making contact with the ball once your body clears.

Increased Flexibility and Strength

Because of its unique design, when you bring the Orange Whip back in your backswing you will feel “golf specific” muscles stretch. Over time this will greatly increase your flexibility and strength in the exact muscles you need to hit Man Swinging Orange Whip Trainerthe ball farther.

What helps the Orange Whip be more than just a training aid is the fact that you can use it on the course to warm up and stretch out your “golf specific” muscles if you do not have a lot of time before you tee off. You don’t want to start a round of golf without warming and stretching your muscles because you are risking injury. It is said that just ten swings with the Orange Whip and your muscles will be warm, loose and ready to start your round safely.

Compared To Competition – Patented Features

This is where the patented features come into play. The Orange Whip has a patented counterweight system consisting of a weighted ball on the end of the handle. This does a few things:

1. Gives you that increased flexibility and strength by having a weighted AND counter weighted system

2. Improves your range of motion

3. Helps you avoid injury

I spoke earlier about using this tool to increase flexibility, strength, and to warm up with to avoid injury. The counterweight system is what makes that happen. And because it is patented, nothing else on the market compares to it!

Another patent they have is its flexible shaft. This is what coordinates the rhythm between your arms, upper body and lower body. The more you swing, the more you develop your own proper tempo and balanced swing for consistent shots.SKLZ Gold Trainer Picture

As far as a competitor, the only one close I have found is the Sklz Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm Up Stick. You can find it on Amazon for $62.99 and rates on Amazon at 4.5 out of 5. The main difference I noticed is that it was made to be just a warm up stick (which is right in the title.

From the research I have done and the reviews I have read, many people bought this item thinking that it was a cheaper version of the Orange Whip. Many of them later admit to only using it for what it was intended for which is a warm up stick and went out and bought the Orange Whip anyways to actually improve their game.


No Comparison

Overall, with the patented counterweight system and flexible shaft, I feel that this product is one of a kind. If you’re looking to improve your overall game, the Orange Whip Golf Trainer is the only way to go when it comes to swing trainers.

And to top it all off, it is a trainer that can be used at home and even indoors (if your ceiling is high enough).  I’m from Michigan and we can only golf certain months out of the year.  This tool allows us to practice golf all year round, getting us ready for when the spring season starts.

10 thoughts on “Orange Whip Golf Trainer Review – Just How Good Is It?”

  1. This is a very good product that is really worth it because it is voted the best and it is also a good product that has a warranty. When a product has a warranty then it shows that the owners of the company have a very big amount of faith in the products durability. Nice one here.

    • Yeah this company knows it has a great product!  At one point in 2019 it had 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon which is amazing.  Thanks for the comment!

  2. The Orange Whip Golf Trainer really looks like a unique and excellent tool to improve the flexibility and strength of the swing. It’s great that it’s rated so well because the ratings confirm its quality.
    I also like that you can train both outside and inside, so it’s all the more useful.
    Thanks for the great summary of the Orange Whip Golf Trainer, I predict it will become a very popular accessory.

    • It is a very useful tool in many ways as explained above and the best part is I couldn’t find any negative comments about it.  I actually searched for them and couldn’t find anyone who said anything bad about it.  It is a great tool and I’m glad you like my review.

  3. It is a great tool that gives out the best results ever in golf. The most interesting part with this tool is that, having flexible shaft for rhythm coordination and the counterweight system to increase flexibility and strength. Besides all this, it’s a bit cheaper with full 2years warranty. Train with Orange whip golf trainer, the No.1 in the market.

  4. Orange whip golf trainer is cheap in price but with a great results ever. The most interesting part with this tool is that, having a flexible shaft for rhythm coordination and the counterweight system that increase the flexibility, strength and to warm up to avoid injury. Besides that, it comes with a 2 years warranty.


  5. Playing golf is all about understanding who you are and maintaining the discipline that requires. Then the place of having a good tool come into place and definitely this trainer can definitely be of great help. Though it wasn’t long that I got started with golf back but for a truth, I was advised to get a more better trainer that can help improve and overhaul my game. Thanks for sharing here

  6. Hi Marc Cooper, 

    I love golf websites as I am a golfer myself. Thank u for checking out and reviewing this wonderful training aid. The Orange Whip Golf Trainer really looks like a wonderful tool to improve flexibility and strength of swing. I have seen a few people practising with something like this on the courses in England, but I’m not sure if it was the same thing. 

    I am going to have to research a bit more on this.


    • There are a lot of “knock-off” imitations out there, but the Orange Whip is the only one with the patented graphite handle and counterweight system.  This makes a big difference!


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