Best Putter For A Beginner – What Factors Into It?

Adam Sandler yelling at a golf ballPutting is a huge part of golf, and one of the most difficult, so when starting out one must choose wisely which putter to use so that you aren’t adding unnecessary strokes on each hole.  There are an enormous amount of putters to choose from, so which is the best putter for a beginner to use?  That’s where my expertise comes in.

When most people think about taking up the sport of golf it usually involves daydreaming of teeing off with a driver and watching the ball sail down the fairway.  What they should be thinking about is sinking putts because 43% of your total strokes are made on the green.

ALMOST HALF!  Your game is won or lost on the green!

So in order of importance, I’d put the putter right up there toward the top.  Some of the factors in a good putter to start out with are the weight, grip, price and face inserts.

Watch Your Weight

The weight of the putter depends highly on the type of greens you are playing on.  30 years ago greens were a lot slower (meaning the ball had to be hit harder), so it was ideal to have a lighter putter to swing it faster.  Putters have usually been around 350 grams, or .772 lbs. on average.

Over the last three decades greens have become a lot faster which has complicated things a little more.  Some Scalemanufacturer’s are now making 400 gram putters, or .882lbs., to slow down the club speed.

It doesn’t seem like a big difference between a putter weighing 350 grams and one weighing 400 grams, but the heavier putters have been proven to perform better on the faster greens.  Because of this I would recommend beginners go with a little heavier putter.

Get A Grip

One of the most important parts of your putting technique is to make sure you swing with your shoulders and not your wrists.  You want your wrists to stay stationary throughout the entire process.  This is where different grips can come into play.

The bigger or thicker the grip on your putter, the less freedom your wrists have to move.  This is why grip size is limited in the USGA (United States Golf Association) rules where it states, “The grip may not exceed 1.75″ in diameter.”

But unless you are ready to play professionally, you should take advantage of the bigger, thicker grips on your putter.

The Price Is Right

Piggie BankI am a big preacher that as a beginner, you don’t need expensive clubs.  So unless you consider yourself rich, do not go out and spend a fortune on your first putter.

It is true that the more money you spend on a putter the better it will perform, there is no denying that.  But until you learn the game more and get your technique more consistent, there is no need to spend all of your money on a golf club.  I bet you could almost hear that in your spouse’s or mother’s voice.

Time For A Face Insert

The face of a putter is the part of the club that makes contact with the ball.  Many putters (especially the less expensive ones) are made completely of metal, the face and all.  This metal faced putter will give you a more firm feel, and much louder sound, while putting but have very little forgiveness.

In my opinion, one of the greatest things to happen to putters is the addition of face inserts.  These inserts redistribute the weight to the heel and toe of the putter, which makes you feel more in control and gives you much more forgiveness.  It also gets the ball rolling quicker with a softer feel.

Consolation Prizes

I have chosen a putter that I believe to be the best putter for a beginner, but first there are a couple putters that came very close.  These putters are The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Putter #1 and the Pinemeadow Site 4 Putter.

2nd Runner Up:

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Putter #1

If you do have a little money to spend on a beginner putter, you might want to check out the Cleveland Huntington Beach putter.  Although it looks and performs like a $300 putter, the cost is only $129.99 on Amazon.

This putter has a technology in the face called SOFT Technology, which stands for Speed Optimized Face Technology.  Usually when you hit the ball away from the center of the face you lose ball speed.  This SOFT technology allows you to miss the center of the face, yet keep the same speed as if you hit it perfectly in the center.

This putter also has the option of an oversized grip to help reduce wrist movement, it weighs 350 grams that are strategically redistributed throughout the club to help with stability, and comes with its own head cover to help protect it from other clubs in your bag and vice versa.

1st Runner Up:

Pinemeadow Site 4 Putter

The price of this putter is more like what you should be spending as a beginner.  The Pinemeadow Site 4 putter is a great budget putter that only costs $41.04 on Amazon.

With this putter you get the choice of length and size of your grip, and although it only weighs 340 grams, it is not too much lighter than the average putter.  To make up for it, it has a low center of gravity which makes for a very smooth stroke.

The face insert in this putter is designed to reduce spin on the ball at impact.  This will help keep your ball on the correct path and reduce any bouncing.

This budget club also comes with a head cover.

And The Winner Is…

Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter M1

There are no better budget putters on the market than the Wilson Harmonized Golf Putter M1 at $34.96.  Although Wilson Harmonized putters come with many different head shape options (M1-M5), the M1 comes with a jumbo grip for the minimized wrist movement as well as a weight of 400 grams to help slow down your putts on those fast greens.

It has a professional design for a budget putter (costing only $34.96 on Amazon) and has a heel/toe weight distribution to provide great balance and consistency.

As far as the face insert, it has multiple density micro injections on the club face (sounds very smart and scientific, huh) which helps improve contact and functions as a shock absorber.

To improve your accuracy, it has horizontal gray and black lines for easy alignment.

There Is No Wrong Answer

When choosing a putter for yourself, the only thing that matters is what feels right to you and how much you want to spend.  I can write all day about features of putters, but unless it works for you then there is no point in purchasing it.

Decide how much money you want to spend on a beginner club, try out a lot of different ones in your budget range and purchase the one that feels the best to you.  But do yourself a favor and take my recommendations from this article and give these putters a try, they are definitely worth it.


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  1. Great article! This is a topic that has always crossed my mind when I bought my putter. To be completely honest I was at the mercy of my inexperience in what I needed instead of what I wanted. 

    But if I was to pick one I would definitely go with the Wilson Staff all over again. Its the putter I use and I absolutly love it. Feels great in the hands and the contact feels like you have total control.

    Best regards,


  2. Thank you for your comment, I always try to shed light on things people don’t think about as much, and usually for beginners because I know they have no idea what to look for. Best of luck to you!

  3. Hello there, I have come online make the search for putters and seeing the title of your content makes it really easy for me to come here because it’s my daughter who is in need of it and I am willing to get her the best so far. It’s really nice and easy to get help from here, cheers 

  4. This is a topic that has always crossed my mind when I bought my putter. Seeing the title of your content makes it really easy for me to come here because I need to see if I could by a better putter. This showed me what I came for. Thank you for your help!

  5. Golf has always been of interest to me and seeing that I finally took the leap and get registers to start the training some few weeks ago, it feels good. Seeing your overview and guide to buying a putter is great and you have helped a lot in simplifying my search. I’d like to go for the Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter M1. I think I feel much better with that


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