Best Golf Putting Drills To Help You Improve

There are hundreds of drills out there that can help make you a better putter on the green.  But what are the best golf putting drills that will help you improve the most?  Well, that’s what I’m here for.

I’m going to go over the drills that will improve your putting the quickest so you can lower your overall score in no time.  Because everyone knows that putting is the most important part of the game when it comes to your score.  Lessen the amount of putts per round and your score will drop like a rock.

If you are new to golf and are interested in which putter to use, check out my article on the Best Putter For A Beginner.

The Foundation Of Lefty’s Short Game

Phil Mickelson believes that as long as you can chip or putt the ball within three feet of the hole you should make the putt 97-100% of the time.  If we move back to four feet the percentage drops to 90%, five feet it drops to 75% and so on.

But if you do get the ball within that three foot circle you need to be prepared enough to make it 97-100% of the time, which is where his 3 foot circle drill comes in.  He gives credit for this drill to Jackie Burke who was the 1956 MAsters and PGA Champion.

To set up the drill, take your sand wedge (or if you don’t have one use the closest club to it) and lay the head of the club in the hole.  Place a tee at the end of the club which is about three feet away.   Move the club around in a circle placing tees evenly apart until you have placed ten tees.  Then place golf balls next to the tees.

Putt each ball, creating a rhythm going from ball to ball.  Then use this same rhythm on the course.  Empty the whole after making five shots.

Mickelson does this drill until he makes 100 putts in a row.  This not only gives him plenty of practice, but allows him to practice these three foot putts under pressure because he doesn’t want to miss and start all over again.

Now, Mickelson is on the PGA tour and makes a very good living playing golf.  For the average golfer he does not recommend making 100 putts in a row.  He suggests starting with maybe ten in a row (around the circle once) and after you start doing that consistently, then increase the amount.

To help you be consistent with these three foot putts, Jackie Burke and Phil Mickelson recommend during your swing that you go back 25% and through the ball 75%.  This will allow you to hit the ball aggressively, but but have it die in the hole.

They also recommend to keep your grip pressure light.


2 Drills Used By Tiger Woods

1st Drill:  Putt Between 2 Tees

This drill starts by placing two tees into the green a little bit wider than the length of your putter head facing the hole.  Then place the golf ball just in front of the tees directly in the middle.

Putt the ball in between the tees without hitting the tees.  This will help correct if your swing is off and you hit the ball on the heal or toe of your putter.

It will also help you learn to hit the ball with the correct amount of velocity by helping you hit the ball on the correct part of the putter.  If you do hit the ball on the heal or toe of the putter it will usually leave the putt short.  Hitting it on the correct part of the putter allows you to control the amount of velocity you want on the putt.

If you are more of a beginner and you find this drill difficult to do without hitting the tees, just widen the tees a little.  Once you get to the point where you can putt well through the widened tees you can gradually bring the tees closer together.

To see a video showing and explaining this drill, watch the first half of the video below.

2nd Drill:  One Handed Putting

We’ve all been told that in order to putt well you must have no movement in your wrists.  That all the movement of the putter comes only from your shoulders.  But what if this is not entirely true?

Tiger Woods’s second drill focuses on the fact that you can feel the putter head “release” (as he called it) a little at the end of your stroke.  This does not mean you use a lot of wrist action, but he felt the best golfers in the world will have some amount of movement in the wrists.

The drill consists of putting one-handed using your dominant hand, or your trail hand.  In doing this, you will start to feel the weight of the putter head and start to feel more flow to your stroke.

It also helps you get a good sensation of the putter face through the ball, with that little release at the end, which will help you get good flow and rhythm to help you control the distance the ball goes.

For this drill, keep your hand grip loose (don’t strangle the club), and lock you wrist.  This is not suggested for short putts, try using it for putts 15 feet or more.

Watch the second half of the video for a demonstration.



Make Or Break

As I said earlier, putting is the most important part of the game of golf.  It can really make or break your score no matter how well you can get the ball to the green.

If you’re goin to listen to anyone about what drills to do to improve your putting, you should definitely listen to the best in the world.  Phil “Lefty” Mickelson and Tiger Woods are two of the best golfers on tour and these are the drills they use to stay at the top of their game.

If you give these drills the time and effort they warrant, you will see your score drop and your frustration lower.  Remember, golf is supposed to be fun.  But it’s a lot more fun the better you are!

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    From my research these putting drills will give you confidence with your putter and turn you into golfer you want to be. Putting is one of the most important parts of golf and often overlooked by weekend golfers, but respected by low handicappers, they are the clock putting drill, the 1-2-3 putting drill, the meter stick drill, tiger woods gate putting drill, Jordan spieth putting drills.

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  2. I have begun to play golf again after a long time.  I am looking for ways to work on every part of my game.  Going to the driving range just doesn’t do it always.  These exercises on putting sound great.  I am going to give each one a try.  I don’t think I will practice 3 foot putts until I sink 100 straight.

  3. Although I am not a golfer, I found your article to be interesting. I like the fact that it was not too technical and it was easy to follow. I understood and could visualize what you were explaining. I appreciate that you included a link to finding a putter for beginners. This is helpful for someone like me that has never played before and may be interested in taking up golf so they would know where to start with equipment.


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