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Are you one of those golfers that is always looking for the best equipment to help you improve, but are disgusted by how much the good equipment costs? Read on to learn about the best golf chipping net that is very affordable and the one thing that sets this net apart from the others.

Product: Mesixi Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net

Price: $39.99

Comes With: 1 Pop-Up Chipping Net, 1 Carry Bag, 2 Turf Mats, 15 Practice Balls, 6 Golf Tees, and 12 Stakes

Best Place To Buy: Amazon (Prime)

Size Of The Product: 25″ x 25″

Color Choices: Blue or Red

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty For Net And Replacement Parts

The Best Golf Chipping Net

Driving ranges are not a cheap way to improve your golf game. If you have to pay for range balls every time you wanted to practice it would cost you a fortune to improve.

An inexpensive way to improve (depending on what you buy) is to buy equipment that allows you to practice at home. Because of this I recommend buying the Mesixi Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net because of everything it comes with and at such an affordable price.

Amazon itself rates this chipping net as the #5 golf hitting nets (not chipping nets, but hitting nets overall), and out of 198 reviews this net earned 4.4 out of 5 stars which is really amazing.

Advantages Of This Product

With this equipment, you can practice in the comfort of your own home! On nice days you can practice outside, and on bad days (or in the winter for a lot of us) we can even practice indoors. So year round you can improve your game whenever you have a little free time at home.

This chipping net is also very portable and extremely easy to set up, so you can even take it to a friend’s or use it as a party game at parties or tailgates. You and your friends will have a blast without worrying about breaking anything with real golf balls.

Another advantage is that because it is so affordable, it makes for a great gift for someone who might be hard to buy for. If your parent, sibling, cousin, friend, etc. is a golfer, they will really enjoy getting a gift like this!

Nothing But Net

This chipping net has a very sturdy design which keeps it from getting flimsy. If for some reason it does get flimsy, I’ll let you know at the end of this article what can be done about it.

The net has three targets, allowing you to continually challenge yourself to improve. It also has side pockets to help catch the missed shots. This particular net even lets you choose between a blue or red one.

Multiple Mats

Teeing Off One Of The MatsMany of the chipping nets I’ve looked into are just for chipping, but you get an additional feature with this package. Not only do you get a fairway mat AND a rough mat, but you get six tees with varying heights so you can practice teeing off as well! This saves you even more money at the driving range.

These mats are 12″ x 12″ and come with ground stakes to hold them in place. This is perfect for practicing any kind of shot at home (as long as you have the room).

The only complaints I’ve read about when it comes to the mats is that sometimes they are too small and that the ground stakes don’t always hold very well. Personally I have to take into consideration the “human factor” of using this product and the fact that you get so much in this package for such an affordable price, I wouldn’t expect the mats to be any bigger.

But that did have a factor in my rating this product 9 out of 10 instead of 10 out of 10, because everything else seems to be very impressive.

More And Better Balls

When you purchase a chipping mat, they do not always come with practice balls,Difference Between Practice Balls so check into that before you finalize your purchase. Of those that do supply practice balls, they usually only give you six.

The Mesixi Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net comes with a whopping 15 high quality practice balls. 15! And the quality of the yellow foam balls give more of a realistic feel when hitting the golf ball, unlike other practice balls that are light and don’t travel very far. The balls that come with this product weigh 25g instead of 8-10g.


What Sets It Apart From Similar Nets

When looking into an affordable product you want to make sure it has a good warranty in place in case it breaks or wears out. Mesixi is giving a lifetime warranty for this net! It says right on Amazon that if anything goes wrong you can contact them through Amazon and they will have the problem solved within 24 hours. And that includes Lifetime Replacement Of Parts.

The same goes for if something happens to it during packaging or shipping. They are quoted saying, “We can not guarantee 0% defective rate, but we guarantee 100% satisfaction.” They are willing to stand by their product and fix any issues that arise within a 24 hour period. That to me is worth every penny you will pay for this chipping net.


Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

If you are really serious about improving your golf game, and are on a budget like most of us, it is really in your best interest to look into purchasing one of these chipping nets. With the affordable price of $39.99 and the ability to not only master short chips at home or anywhere else, but long chips and hitting off of the tee, it’s hard to beat what you get for that price.

Other than the size of the hitting mats themselves it is hard to find any complaints online about this net, and take into consideration that some people just like to complain. Try it out and see if you agree.

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  1. A good net to learn my aim indoor and I feel it would be nice if I can buy this at a time when I am still learning. Really glad that you have good information on all of this which is really cool. I like the way you explained about this accessory and I will definetely buy it. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this here. In all honesty, I value everything you gave shared here and the fact that this van help to increase our game exponentially by trying the performance at home consistent with this chipping nets. Surely a really great post and your guide to selecting the best chpoing net too is quite great. Thanks

  3. Golf is such a strange game. No matter how hard you go through training videos and practice, the time you get to the tee is a new ball game entirely. Golf is such a cerebral sports that even the most expensive clubs and balls will also not improve your game, if the mind is not concentrated. One way of getting that focus is through continuous practice so that the body is programmed with the muscle memory to create a constant swing and hit. The short pitching game wins tournaments, so this article have listed some of the best golf pitching nets to assist you build that game you want With the right practice.


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