Benefits Of Golf Shoes

There are benefits to wearing specific shoes for specific sports. It is very difficult to play football in tennis shoes because you would be slipping and sliding all over the field. This is true for golf as well. Read on and I will explain the benefits of golf shoes.

Benefits Of Golf Shoes

Shoes Designed For Golf

Each sport has shoes designed with the player of the sport in mind. Basketball shoes are designed to give excellent ankle support to prevent players rolling their ankles when they make quick movements on the court. Bowling even has specific shoes to keep you from sliding down the lanes.Golfer Teeing Off

Golf shoes were designed with the golfer in mind. They are designed specifically to keep your feet stable during the twisting of the golf swing. They give golfers stability, balance and flexibility throughout the entire swing. The last thing you want is to be teeing off with great form, only to have your feet sliding around and shanking your shot into the woods or water.

Also, if you ever want to be taken seriously as a golfer you will not wear tennis shoes or anything other than golf shoes when you play. Other shoes may be OK for the occasional trip to the range if you don’t have your golf shoes with you, but if you want to get a true feel for your swing on the range you will want to use your golf shoes even than. hit the course, put on some real golf shoes.

But make sure when you go out to the course for a round of golf to ALWAYS have your golf shoes with you!


Caution Sign of Guy SlippingIt is difficult to make good contact with the ball when your feet are slipping and sliding all over, just like the football example. Golf shoes have spikes on the bottom that combat the varying terrain you will face on the golf course. Terrains like wet grass or a sand trap can prove to be difficult if not wearing the proper foot attire to keep your feet in place.

Golf Shoes also have a wide base to help you stay grounded and help keep your balance throughout your swing. This means your feet have a wider surface area for your weight, so you stay put without sliding all over. There are way too many things to worry about during your golf swing to have to worry about keeping your feet in place.

Comfort and Confidence

When you put on a pair of golf shoes you will notice one big difference from other sporting shoes. With golf shoes the ankles are cut very low exposing your ankle bone, which is done on purpose and for good reason. The low cut allows you to turn better, giving you a better range of motion during your golf swing without your ankle feeling pressure in the reverse direction.Orange Feet With Happy Faces

Another thing to consider when playing golf is that a round might take 4 hours or more. You need a pair of really comfortable shoes that aren’t going to hurt your feet when swinging your clubs and walking the course. Golf shoes are designed for walking long distances in comfort, allowing the feet to breathe.

Most golf shoes are also waterproof. Unfortunately because golf is played outdoors, you don’t always get the perfect weather. When it is raining outside, or the grass is wet from the morning dew, golf shoes are designed to keep your feet dry.

Confidence is also something needed to play a good round of golf. More than most sports, golf is even more of a mental game than physical. What you wear and the equipment you use has a big role to play in how confident you are. This makes golf shoes just as important of a piece of equipment as any other piece of equipment you play with.


There are a couple of recommendations that I would suggest, one for beginners to average golfers, and one for seasoned golfers. One of the main differences you will see when you click on them is the price.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on golf shoes when you are just starting out or if you are just an occasional golfer. But if you are a serious golfer who joins golf leagues and tournaments than the more expensive pair is a much better product so it would be beneficial to check that pair out.

Adidas Men’s TechResponse Golf Shoes (Beginners to Average Golfers)Pair of Gray Golf Shoes

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-Ranked #1 in Men’s Golf Shoes by Amazon

-#1 Best Seller on Amazon

-They look like regular Adidas tennis shoes, but have 6 spike configurations with thintech low-profile technology for improved traction and stability

-Lightweight mesh and synthetic top for enhanced breathability and comfort

-Soft insole for lightweight comfort and cushioning

-Comes in white, black or gray

-With Amazon Wardrobe, you can try them for free for 7 days to make sure they fit and are comfortable enough.

FootJoyMen’s DryJoys Tour Golf Shoes (Seasoned Golfers)Pair of Golf Shoe, Top and Bottom

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-More traditional golf shoe look with 4 different color combinations.

-FootJoy has been the leading golf shoe on the PGA Tour for more than 55 years

-4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 94% of the reviews at a 4 star or better

-100% Textile which means these are a very good buy

-Lightweight cushioned Fit-Bed Insole which provides extreme underfoot comfort and heel support. Helps dampen the shock while walking.

-Genuine leather linings in the heel of the shoe provide superior slip resistance

-A fiberglass composite support bridge provides midfoot stability

-The Cyclone golf spike offers superior traction throughout the entire golf swing

Wrap Up

So if you want to be taken seriously as a golfer you really need to invest in a good pair of golf shoes. They will give you the stability, balance and flexibility you need to build the confidence to hit great shots and lower your score.

It’s hard to take anyone serious that is on the course in a pair of tennis shoes or boots. Be professional, look professional and you will play professional (not on the PGA Tour, but you’ll play much better).

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  2. This is a good one and a very well written post too on what the benefits of wearing a good golf shoes is for golfing. I just found a hobby in golfing since the start of the lockdown and I feel it is so good that I am able to read about golf does and how it is able to help me improve my game too.


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